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What is InnoCities about?

The innovative cities and communities are made up of 16 urban regions and innovation operators. The aim is to develop innovation environments, activities and operations that promote carbon neutrality, digitalisation and other new technologies, such as innovations in the field of health and well-being.

Groups participating in development activities include research, development and innovation operators, companies, the cities’ own development personnel, experts in innovation operations, and regional councils that intermediate regional and structural policy funding. The activities and operations will be carried out between 2021 and 2027.

Which cities are InnoCities?

InnoCities are university cities and towns. There are 16 urban areas, 19 cities and 1 municipality.

InnoCities and the Finnish State strengthened their partnership in 2021 by signing ecosystem agreements. The aim is to strengthen and renew each city’s own and mutual innovation expertise and to create innovation and business ecosystems that are significant on an international level.

The ecosystem agreements define the InnoCities’ strategic priority areas which will be realised through development projects. In addition, some InnoCities act as national drivers for lead themes. These lead themes, or lead projects, strengthen expertise and cooperation between several cities.

The InnoCities page provides more information about the cities and their priority themes.

Innovation and competence networks

In addition to ecosystem agreements, the innovative cities and communities implement the objectives of the national Innovation and Competence Networks theme. The aim is to improve RDI operators’ ability to design and carry out cross-regional projects that aim to commercialise innovations at a large scale. The projects include innovation, development and investment projects that are carried out in close cooperation with the business community. The projects funded under the Innovation and Competence Networks theme also involve other parties in addition to the InnoCities that have signed the ecosystem agreement.

InnoCities carry out sustainable urban development

The innovative cities and communities carry out sustainable urban development that is in line with the European Union's regional and structural policy. The urban development is also part of the Finnish regional and structural policy programming period for 2021–2027.

Since 2021, the start-up phase of the projects has been funded by sustainable growth and regional vitality funding (AKKE funding). After this, the main source of funding will be the regional and structural policy programme, Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2027.

Coordination of InnoCities

The Council of Tampere Region coordinates the implementation of ecosystem agreements, while the South Savo Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment coordinates the national Innovation and Competence Networks theme.

In addition to funding EU projects and strengthening networks, Innovative Cities and Communities activities support cities in making innovative public procurements. Furthermore, InnoCities provides other expert and communications support to the cities and communities involved.

Learn more: Coordination of InnoCities. You can also find our contact information by clicking the link.

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